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Of course, anyone enveloped in a Bouwer design, whether a sequined mini or a jeweled silk taffeta ball gown, gets noticed. This, in turn, has gotten the attention of Hollywood’s a-list. His designs have graced the covers of numerous magazines and the red carpet at movie premieres and awards shows. That’s part of his allure—the formfitting look—imbued with a genuine desire to celebrate, as poet Walt Whitman so neatly put it, “the body electric.”

Indeed, one of Bouwer’s strong suits is his ability to cut a garment to complement a woman’s figure. Another is his acclaimed talent as a draper, a skill he mastered during his tenure with legendary designer Halston.

The Marc Bouwer aesthetic is the very definition of timeless elegance, touched by his love of cinema (he counts Blade Runner, Hero, and Marie Antoinetteamong his favorite films). The look is distinct—lush colors, plunging necklines, and daring up-to-there slits are undeniably sexy, yet kept in check by an appreciation for classic silver-screen glamour.

Recently, Bouwer’s strong ties to L.A.’s glitterati have made him a sought-after spokesperson for the entertainment industry. As a guest stylist and judge on many popular programs, he’s become the go-to personality for advice on style and fashion. Whether making a guest appearance or spending long days designing a new collection, he sums up his professional demeanor in two words: hands on.

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